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Spreading Wings

Integration enabled the vjv Group to build strengths and hone expertise in all aspects of product development, marketing and merchandising.... Read more...

jewellery manufacturing

The Vjv Group, as a modern integrated conglomerate, produces a diverse range of jewellery: gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel, studded with... Read more...

Skills and technology

Vjv’s core strength is the expertise of its artisans in cutting and polishing diamonds, and its jewellery designers and marketing teams in developing....  Read more...

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Welcome to vjv jewellers

VJV'S successful Jewellery manufacturing and distribution business is the final link completing the chain from earth to high street.The VJV Group has a significant involvement in Jewellery manufacturing and distribution through various operations around the world.Inter Gold is the Jewellery manufacturing arm of the VJV Group. As one of India's largest diamond Jewellery company.

About our company

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With a global vision and dedication to serving the needs of every clients, VJV is More than Diamonds. We are a company with passion and a quest for excellence. VJV is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of fine diamonds  ....


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